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Her Vision

If the notions of compassion, ambition, strength, melody, and effervescence had to be stated with one word…it would be Casmé. Her talents are endless. Former background vocalist for many celebrity artists, she's now made her way to the front line. Not only is she a multi-faceted international entertainer (singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and fashion designer) but she also has a deep seeded devotion to effecting positive change. In an industry where the price of success can easily be cause for compromise, her debut album/book Daughter of the King is challenging the norm and changing the culture.  Although the songstress has performed all over the world, her greatest impact has been through her philanthropic and entrepreneurial efforts in the community.


With Casmé Cares Community Outreach, "Wait A While" high school initiative, and 4U mentoring program, Casmé is refreshingly branded as the Ambassador for Love, Hope, and Peace through the Arts & Music. To date, Casme' Barnes has spoken to thousands of you girls all over the U.S. and have personally mentored over 75 at risk youth who've reached out for guidance and mentorship. Help support Casme' as she continues to shine her light by donating personal hygiene items, clothing, non perishable food items and/or by sponsoring a teen.

Please visit her website for more info.





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